Posted on 12th April 2022

Success Stories | Shannon Pimperton

Shannon, who graduated from Doncaster Equine College (DEC) in 2021, is a former student at Outwood Academy Valley in Worksop.‘’I wanted to further a career working with horses, so I wanted to gain the qualifications and learn the skills required at the right place to kick off my career within the industry. I saw the opportunities DEC had through social media, and applied from there.’’

Prior to studying at DEC, Shannon had experience with horses since the age of 10 years old, and knew working with horses was a career she was keen to pursue. Shannon attended her local riding school to develop her riding skills and she volunteered at the riding school to gain valuable experience.


Shannon during the 2021 Doncaster Equine College Annual Show


Shannon was a DEC student for 3-years, and completed both her Level 2 (1-year course) and Level 3 (2-year course) qualifications in Horse Care and Horse Management. When asked about her experience at DEC, Shannon said ‘’my experience as a whole at DEC was amazing. I got to learn so much, which has got me to where I need to be. I feel confident in pursuing my career ambitions now, and during my time the instructors treated me like their own and were very supportive. I would recommend DEC to anyone who has a love for horses and wants to pursue a career working with them.’’

Shannon told us prior to her graduation ceremony ‘’I will be sad to leave DEC and will miss the horses and instructors, as this place has been a big part of my life. I made loads of new friends while at DEC too, and we helped each other through our own journeys. I am ready for my next chapter now.’’


Shannon assisting Keeley to mount at Keeley Squires Para Dressage


Since graduating from DEC in June 2021, Shannon gained a full-time position as a Head Groom for Keeley Squires at her dressage yard. Keeley, an International para dressage rider, appointed Shannon as a yard groom to support her team with caring for her horses, yard duties and to prepare Keeley for competition. Keeley also provides training for Shannon, to allow her to continue her learning in the workplace.

We recently visited Keeley to see how Shannon is progressing and Keeley expressed how ‘’Shannon plays a vital role in my team, and has actually recently been promoted to the Head Groom role and now working full-time. Shannon has already shown she has the knowledge and practical skills required and is fantastic at handling our competition horses as well as the ground work. Shannon understands my requirements as a para rider, and this is the reason why she was deservedly promoted. This will offer Shannon more opportunities for her future.’’


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